AI-generated: The extent to which companies accommodate individuals with disabilities.

A word cloud by @3e83560

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Accessible office spaces Inclusion policies Braille signage Audio description Employee awareness programs Staff training Physical accommodations Software accessibility Ergonomic workstations Job flexibility Adaptive technology Video relay services Ramp access Reasonable adjustments Integration strategy Telecommuting options Assistive devices Service animals accommodation Handicapped parking Inclusive hiring practices Physical therapy Voice recognition technology Specialized training Emotional support policies Disability rights Elevator access Employment opportunities Fair treatment Equal Opportunity employer Accessible entrancesAuxiliary aids Wheelchair-friendly facilitiesJob restructuring Catered equipment Healthy work environment Resource allocation Comfortable workspace Telecommunications services Inclusive culture Adaptive equipment Sign language interpreters Physical accommodationsOccupational therapy Reasonable modifications Promotion of independenceMental health support Positive work environmentSupportive management Part-time work optionsModified work schedules