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Basic WordCloud functionality
  • 100% Free!
  • Parse text or enter your own words
  • Create up to 20 word clouds
  • Up to 5 AI-powered word clouds: let AI generate words for you on any topic you like
  • Use up to 20 your own background images
  • Hundreds of free curated beautiful shapes
  • Large selection of streamlined fonts to mix and match

WordCloud.app for Figma

  • 100% Free!
  • Parse text or enter your own words
  • No more fear of a blank space!


Expand your features and support WordCloud.app
€8.00 / month
Save 37% if you pay yearly.
  • Everyting in Free, plus:
  • Create up to 100 word clouds
  • 20 AI requests per month to generate a word cloud for you
  • Upload up to 50 your own shapes!
  • Use up to 50 your own background images
  • Alphabet shapes
  • Love Shapes
  • Halloween shapes
  • Winter Holidays and Christmas shapes
  • Adjustable image size: up to 4000x4000px!
  • No ads on the whole website.

WordCloud Pro for Figma

  • Everyting in Free, plus:
  • Select different fonts for your clouds
  • More than 1000 built-in shapes for your word clouds
  • Upload up to 50 your own shapes
  • 20 AI requests per month to generate a word cloud for you!


All the features for VIP's!
€14.00 / month
Save 40% if you pay yearly.
  • Everything in Pro, plus:
  • Create and store an unlimited number of word clouds
  • AI Superpower at 100 requests per month! Let AI generate a word cloud on any topic for you
  • An endless number of your own shapes and backgrounds
  • Priority email support!

WordCloud Premium for Figma

  • Everyting in Pro, plus:
  • Upload as many of your own shapes as you want
  • Priority email support!
  • AI Superpower at 100 requests per month! Let AI generate a word cloud on any topic for you

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Are there any hidden fees or charges?

No, there are no hidden fees or charges. The prices you see on our pricing page are what you pay.

Do I need to pay for the web version and Figma or Miro plugins separately?

With a single upgrade, you can access Pro features in both the online version of WordCloud.app and the WordCloud.app plugin for Figma. Just upgrade and use the same account in both places.

Can I change my pricing plan?

Yes, you can change your pricing plan at any time by logging into your account and selecting a different plan.

If you were on a paid plan before, the charges will be prorated: what you paid for this billing period (month or year, depending on your plan) will be counted towards the new plan.

Is there a free trial available?

The Free plan is available free of charge, always! The paid plans will start immediately after you subscribe.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. All payments are securely processed via Stripe.

Can I pause or cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes, you can pause your subscription at any time. If you pause in the middle of a billing cycle, you will not be refunded for the unused portion of that cycle, but you will still have access to your plan's features during this time. After the billing cycle is over, your subscription will be canceled and will not be prolonged.

If you decide to unpause until the rest of the billing cycle, you are most welcome!

If that last cycle is already over, you can start a new subscription at any time.

How do I use a promo code?

Select a plan and click "Check out". The field to apply the coupon or the promo code will be visible on the next screen.

Where do I see my payment history? Where can I change my payment methods?

Please visit this link to manage your payments.

How do AI requests per month work?

On the Free plan, you get 5 complimentary requests overall. When those are used up, you are welcome to upgrade to a plan with monthly available requests.

The monthly allowance of AI-powered requests begins on the day you subscribe to a paid plan. If you use up all AI-powered requests before the end of the month, you will have to wait until the start of the next billing cycle to receive a fresh set of AI requests.

Upgrading your plan during the month will grant you the new plan's allowance immediately, and downgrading will adjust your allowance to the new plan's limits at the beginning of the next billing cycle.

Any other questions?

Please email me at elena@wordcloud.app. I will be happy to help!