A word cloud filled with words about a word cloud: picture, image, text, vision, inspiration, art, etc

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A word cloud, tag cloud, or wordle is a beautiful way to display many words in one eye-catching picture.

Pick a pleasant color scheme, pick a shape, select fonts — and you instantly get a beautiful picture to share with friends or print on a T-shirt!

Shape your words

A greeting card, an Instagram post, a presentation slide, or a Facebook update.

Kind words about your loved one. Your sporting achievements. The business goals for the next quarter. All fits into a single word cloud, graphic, colorful, and attractive.

New! Print it on a mug or a T-shirt — it will make a lovely gift. Simply build a cloud, click "Print", preview your future gift — and order!

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Infinite inspiration

  • Learning a language? Make a wallpaper with new words, it helps to memorize them.
  • Generate an artful word cloud from a book or an article and use the image in class.
  • Make a collage with all your friends' names, print the picture on mugs — and you have a perfect gift! Bonus points if you use your group selfie as a background!
  • Celebrate your loved ones: make a word cloud describing them 🤗
  • Send unique greeting cards 💌 to your friends and family.
  • Pick one of our 800+ built-in shapes: 🧡 hearts for love words, ❄️ snowflakes for Christmas, ✈️ an airplane for vacation highlights — your choice!
  • Use your own photo as a background, or pick one of the 90+ built-in images.
  • Post your word art everywhere on social networks!
  • Order a print of your wordle directly from the app!

Shape your words into a beautiful mosaic.

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