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Transform your CV into a visually appealing document that highlights your key skills. Using, you can create a word cloud that draws attention to your strengths and makes your resume stand out.

Why Use a Word Cloud in Your CV?

  • Catch the Eye of HR Managers: A unique visual element can make your CV more memorable.
  • Highlight Key Skills: Ensure your most important skills are easily noticed.
  • Stand Out from the Crowd: Differentiate yourself in a competitive job market.
Make your CV stand out from the crowd with your own personal word cloud!

Make your CV stand out from the crowd with you own personal word cloud in it

How to Create a Word Cloud from Your CV

  1. Sign in to your account and navigate to the Dashboard to begin.
  2. Go to Dashboard
  3. Click the 'Create a New Word Cloud' button to start.
  4. Select 'Analyze your CV'.
  5. Upload your CV in PDF or TXT format. Pro Tip: Make sure your resume is up-to-date and highlights all your key skills and experiences.
  6. Let do the magic! Your key skills will be transformed into a captivating word cloud.
  7. Customize Your Word Cloud:
    • Arrange words to showcase your most important skills prominently. Add or remove words as needed.
    • Choose colors that match the color scheme of your CV. Pro Tip: A white or transparent background looks sleek and professional.
    • Pick from a variety of fonts. Pro Tip: Use playful fonts for creative roles and streamlined fonts for formal positions.
    • Select from hundreds of shapes to frame your word cloud or upload your own custom shape.
  8. When your word cloud looks perfect, export it as a PNG file and insert it into your CV.
  9. Your enhanced CV will now catch the eyes of HR and hiring managers. Now go get that job!

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