WordCloud.app for Figma

Create visual art in your Figma and FigJam files.

Visualise your data in a beautiful way.

Make your design pop.

Try WordCloud.app for Figma

Fear of a blank screen? No more! Fill the space with colorful, playful words and produce a brain spark.

Brainstorm with your colleagues or work alone: word clouds are your choice for making your words speak for themselves.

WordCloud.app for Figma is FREE! Why not try it now?

Word cloud made of words about Figma

How to add word clouds to Figma or FigJam?

Simply install the plugin and begin!

  1. Create a frame. Your word cloud will be created inside.
  2. Pick a preset or add your own words.
  3. Rearrange words as needed. Closer to the beginning = closer to the center.
  4. Add one or several text colors. Colors will be applied to words randomly to create a pleasing picture.
  5. Click the 'refresh' button to rearrange words in a new manner. Hint! They say it is addictive and starts their creative juices flowing.

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Start using the WordCloud.app plugin for Figma and be creative today!