About WordCloud.app

WordCloud.app was born in December 2015. That was a long year full of exciting events! I found a new job, moved to a different country, learned a new language, and travelled to several places. I wanted to tweet a picture with all these achievements to share with my friends.

I started to play with words to fit them all in one image. It seemed boring to just list them one after another, so I decided to arrange them in a random way.

Here is one of the first pictures produced by the app.

My very first word cloud

Frame your thoughts

Give a personalized present to your loved ones. Post new status on Facebook. Send a good morning message to your friends. Print funny t-shirts for your kids.

My very first word cloud

Shape your business

Include an unforgettable slide into your presentation. Print a new business card.

Usage of images is 100% free — for personal and commercial purposes.

My very first word cloud

Museums, exhibitions, conferences

Are you a museum or a conference? Want to boast an interactive exhibition where your visitors can share their thoughts with you? There is a special presentation version of the app!

Please contact me to discuss your ideas at elena@wordcloud.app.

My very first word cloud

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