Christmas cards with

Word Cloud: Christmas cards with

Christmas cards with

Send a letter to Santa. Or a card to your Grandma

How to create a unique and personal Christmas card with Here are seven simple steps!

  1. ❄️ Create a new word cloud using our Christmas preset. All your favorite things about Winter Holidays will be listed in the word cloud: marshmallows, cocoa, and Santa's reindeer.
  2. ğŸŽ„ Add your own details. How about adding your children's names or the gifts you give this year?
  3. ğŸŽ Pick a lovely wintery background. Make use of our background library or snap a photo of your own.
  4. 🍪 Pick a color scheme that matches (or contrasts) the background.
  5. 🦌 Shape or no shape? That is the question! A Christmas tree or a snowflake from our Winter Shapes Library would look very nice.
  6. ✨ Pick fonts matching the mood. We suggest mixing lacy handwritten fonts with bolder ones for a pleasant effect.
  7. ğŸŽ… You are done! Export your image and send it to everyone. Or click "print" and see what it looks like as a Christmas card, mug, or T-shirt.

Happy Holidays!

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