The Active Side of Infinity by Carlos Castaneda

Word Cloud: The Active Side of Infinity

About this book

The Active Side of Infinity by Carlos Castaneda is a thought-provoking and powerful book that challenges our perception of reality and explores the possibilities of human potential. In this final installment of his acclaimed series, Castaneda takes readers on a profound journey into the realms of sorcery and mystical experiences.

This book will appeal to those who are interested in metaphysics, shamanism, and personal transformation. Castaneda's vivid storytelling and engaging writing style captivate readers and keep them immersed in his experiences. Through his encounters with Don Juan Matus, a Yaqui Indian sorcerer, Castaneda delves into themes such as parallel realities, dreaming, and the elusive nature of time.

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MysticalShamanismJourneyEnlightenmentSpiritualityTeachingsYaquiDon Juan MatusDreamingConsciousnessParallel realitiesHigher realmsSorceryAncient knowledgeMagicalTransformationSelf-discoveryPerceptionPersonal powerEnergySupernaturalNon-ordinary realityPsychotropic plantsPhilosophyMind-altering experiencesWarrior's pathIllusionIllusory teacherExpanded awarenessSorcerer's knowledgeInner freedomMental disciplineIntuitionDeeper understandingIntentionWisdomMentorshipEgo dissolutionOut-of-body experiencesSurrenderOnenessInfinite possibilitiesSacred knowledgeTranscendenceLife's purposeInexplicable phenomenaShifting perspectives

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