A Pelican At Blandings by P. G. Wodehouse

Word Cloud: A Pelican At Blandings

About this book

A Pelican At Blandings is a delightful novel by P. G. Wodehouse that offers an entertaining escape into the idyllic and comical world of Blandings Castle. The book follows the misadventures of Lord Emsworth, his eccentric family, and the various eccentric characters that inhabit his estate. P. G. Wodehouse's witty writing, endearing characters, and hilarious plot twists make this book an absolute joy to read.

This book will appeal the most to fans of British humor, lovers of classic literature, and those who enjoy light-hearted and funny stories. P. G. Wodehouse's unique ability to create memorable characters and engage readers through his clever dialogue and intricate plot will leave readers of all ages thoroughly entertained.

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HumorousEntertainingAbsurdQuirkyWittyCleverScrewballWhimsicalSatiricalDelightfulLight-heartedCharmingDrollHilariousEccentricAmusingMischievousStylishEngagingFarceWordplayJovialLightheartedSardonicIrreverentBrittleRefreshingJoyfulSarcasticPlayfulLaugh-out-loudExaggeratedSituational comedySurrealSprightlyCarefreeGood-naturedConvivialIngeniousWrySillyRidiculousCapersZanyFrivolousFunCrazyMadcap

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