Here are our top cocktails of 2022. Have you tried them all? No? What are you waiting for?

The 80 words we used in this word cloud:

Jungle Bird Long Island Iced Tea Gin Gin Mule White Lady El Diablo Cosmopolitan Zombie Hanky Panky Vodka Martini Caipirinha Tom Collins Bamboo Tommy’s Margarita Last Word Irish Coffee Aviation Sidecar Pornstar Martini Piña Colada Bellini Brandy Crusta Bramble Gin Fizz Rum Old Fashioned Amaretto Sour Americano Vieux Carré Pisco Sour Paloma French 75 Sazerac Mai Tai Boulevardier Clover Club Corpse Reviver Dark ’n’ Stormy Penicillin Moscow Mule Gimlet Bloody Mary Mojito Aperol Spritz Manhattan Whiskey Sour Espresso Martini Margarita Dry Martini Daiquiri Negroni Old Fashioned Pisco Punch Painkiller Hanky-Panky Bee’s Knees Champagne Cocktail Blood & Sand Monkey Gland Mitch Martini Brandy Alexander Japanese Slipper Greyhound Hedgerow Sling Caipiríssima Lynchburg Lemonade Tequila Sunrise John Collins Dubonnet Sex On The Beach Lemon Drop Bijou Whisky Mac Bloody Caesar Martinez Red Snapper Rusty Nail Rickey Caipiroska French Martini Dark & Stormy Gin Martini

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