One of the most famous racing tracks in the world, Nürburgring is THE place to be for all motorsport lovers. Many Formula One and Grand Prix events took place on this challenging circuit. An interesting fact is that almost anyone is allowed to drive there — it is a public toll road — so you will notice Porshes, buses, Ferraris and minivans, everyone enjoying the track.

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The 48 words we used in this word cloud:

Sabine-Schmitz-Kurve Antoniusbuche Tiergarten Hohenrain Schikane Mercedes-Arena Ford-Kurve Dunlop-Kehre Michael Schumacher S RTL-Kurve Warsteiner-Kurve ADVAN-Bogen T13 Hatzenbach Hoheneichen Quiddelbacher-Höhe Flugplatz Kottenborn Schwedenkreuz Aremberg Poststraße Fuchsröhre Adenauer Forst Metzgesfeld Kallenhard Wehrseifen Breidscheid Ex-Mühle Lauda-Linksknick Bergwerk Kesselchen Mutkurve Klostertal Caracciola-Karussell Steilstrecke Hohe Acht Hedwigshöhe Wippermann Eschbach Brünnchen Eiskurve Pflanzgarten 1 Sprunghügel Pflanzgarten 2 Schwalbenschwanz Kleines Karussell Galgenkopf Döttinger Höhe

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