Lunar New Year

Word Cloud: Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year

Happy Lunar New Year! 🧧

2023 is the Year of the 🐰 Rabbit 兔. added more than 40 shapes to help you send messages to all your loved ones! Check them out in the Lunar New Year shape group.

Tips for an awesome Chinese New Year Card

  • Use red and gold. Red means happiness and success, and gold means fortune and prosperity.
  • Try to avoid white, as it is an unlucky color.
  • Say: 新年快乐! This means Happy New Year.
  • Use the cutest rabbit shapes you can find!
  • Wish someone happiness and prosperity: 恭喜发财!

This word cloud uses 14 words

RabbitLunarChineseNew Year2023新年快乐healthsuccessdreamshappinessspringprosperityfamilyfriends

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