350 most popular English adjectives

The 350 words we used in this word cloud:

able adorable adventurous aggressive agreeable alert alive amused angry annoyed annoying anxious arrogant ashamed attractive available average awful bad beautiful best better bewildered big bitter black bland bloody blue blue-eyed blushing bold bored brainy brave breakable bright busy calm careful cautious central certain charming cheap cheerful chewy chubby classy clean clear clever close cloudy clumsy cold colorful combative comfortable common concerned condemned confused cooperative courageous crazy creepy crowded cruel cultural curious current cute dangerous dark dead deadly deep defeated defiant delightful democratic dense depressed determined different difficult disgusted distinct disturbed dizzy doubtful drab dull eager early easy economic elated elegant embarrassed enchanting encouraging energetic enthusiastic entire envious environmental evil excited expensive exuberant faint fair faithful famous fancy fantastic federal few fierce filthy final financial fine first foolish foreign fragile frail frantic free friendly frightened full funny general gentle gifted glamorous gleaming glorious good gorgeous graceful great green grieving grotesque grumpy hairy handsome handy happy hard healthy helpful helpless high hilarious hip homeless homely honest horrible hot huge human humid hungry hurt icy ill important impossible inexpensive innocent inquisitive international itchy jealous jittery jolly joyous kind large last late lazy left legal light likely little lively local lonely long lovely low lucky magnificent main major medical military misty modern motionless muddy mushy mysterious narrow nasty national natural naughty nervous new next nice noisy nutty obedient obnoxious odd oily old old-fashioned open other outrageous outstanding own panicky past perfect personal physical plain pleasant poised polite political poor popular possible powerful precious prickly private proud public putrid puzzled quaint quiet rainy rare ready real recent red relieved religious repulsive rich right sad same scary selfish serious shiny short shy sick significant silly similar simple sincere single sleepy small smart smelly smiling smoggy social soft sore sparkling special splendid spotless stormy strange strong stupid successful sunny super sure sweaty sweet talented tall tame tasty tender tense terrible thankful thoughtful thoughtless tiny tired tough traditional troubled true ugliest ugly uninterested unsightly unusual upset uptight various vast victorious vivacious wandering warm weak weary white whole wicked wide-eyed wild windy witty worried worrisome wrong young zany zealous


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