The Difference Engine by William Gibson

Word Cloud: The Difference Engine

About this book

The Difference Engine by William Gibson is a groundbreaking novel that blends alternate history with steampunk science fiction. Set in a Victorian era where Charles Babbage successfully built his mechanical computer, the story explores a society transformed by advanced technology and political intrigue.

What makes this book important is its imaginative vision of a world where the Information Age arrived a century early. Gibson and co-author Bruce Sterling depict a Britain ruled by powerful corporations and the emergence of computer hacking, all against a backdrop of social unrest and espionage. The vividly detailed world-building and innovative storytelling will captivate readers who enjoy speculative fiction with a historical twist.

The Difference Engine particularly appeals to fans of cyberpunk and steampunk genres, as well as those interested in alternative history narratives. Whether you're a longtime William Gibson fan or exploring his work for the first time, this book is sure to transport you to a mesmerizing world where past, present, and future collide.

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SteampunkAlternate historyVictorian eraScience fictionIndustrial revolutionTechnologyInventionComputerCogwheelEngineMechanicalCyberpunkAdventureMysteryEspionagePoliticsSocial commentaryIntrigueParallel universeVictorian LondonAnalytical engineComputing powerArtificial intelligenceConspiracyInformationSurveillanceCulture clashImaginationSpeculationPredictionsThrillerInnovationPhilosophyRevolutionaryHistorical fictionSteam powerProgressInformation ageClass strugglesCorruptionGrittyIntricate plotMulti-layeredProtagonistsScience and fantasy blendAlternative technologyComplex characters

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